Top 10
# Name LvL Job Guild Kill Dead
1 Зеленка 155
Rampage 38 34
2 GSPD 154
Rampage 7 6
3 СмертьНомер1 153
Rampage 18 38
4 Mishechkaaa 153
Маг хаоса
Rampage 51 14
5 Razor 152
Котята 24 77
6 Зайчик 151
FallenAngels 12 19
7 H3nTa1 151
Rampage 23 14
8 ВарЛадно 151
9 iSlash 151
Rampage 39 29
10 KaiseR 151
45 63
Warning: new rules for players

Dear players, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the new rules on the server (from 07.07.2020): In chat it is forbidden: - PR / self-promotion of a third-party game server. Punishment - blocking an account (all accounts from the same IP address); (from 06/22/2020) - sell an account (both for real money and for gaming). Punishment - ban chat for a week; (from 06/22/2020) - distribute information on bugs. The penalty is ban chat for a week. (from 06/22/2020) - massively sell their things for real money. Punishment - ban chat for 24 hours. (from 07/07/2020)

The rules apply to Main Chat, Trading Chat and Scream. In the game it is forbidden: - set unrealistic prices for any item in your store, such as "99.999.999.999", "241124214" and the like. Punishment - disconnection from the server for 30 seconds. (from 07/07/2020) - expose a store with a name about the sale for real money, such as: "paypal", "sber", "acc 150" and the like. Punishment - disconnection from the server for 30 seconds. (from 07/07/2020) This does not mean that it is forbidden to trade things for real money. Sale for real money is allowed, but it must be "smooth" and in compliance with the rules described above. Thank you for understanding.

First 155

This player cannot be stopped! Tonight, a character named Зеленка first reached level 155, again, with a wide margin from the rest of the players. This player is not going to stop there and give up his first place in the top players.
Who will reach the first 160th level?
Go ahead! All in your hands!

Congratulations on reaching level 155!

Delicious rates!

Dear friends! X2 Experience and X2 Drop are waiting for you all weekend! Have a nice game.

Technical work completed

Dear players, the server was rebooted at midnight in connection with the update, which was performed at the request of the players and unscheduled technical work was performed.

What changed:

- simplified the combination of iron (you can combine in any quantity);

- unity at once in two pets on the call can work simultaneously;

- in the scroll of buffs to the buffs is added the restoration of MP + 16% and buffs from the Hidden Village;

- damage from the skill Flurry of Daggers increased by 2 times;

- The profession Knight has the ability to double impulse. For this profession, Killer Impulse now works not only with swords, but also with daggers;

- the profession has a hunter, in skills that impose a stun - the chance of stunning is increased from 20% to 50%;

- the profession has a shaman / sorcerer / druid: for the skill Spring Water - the restored HP is 2 times increased, for the skills the power of fire / lightning / earth / water - the casting time is reduced, for the Fireproof skill - the reflected damage is increased 4 times;

- 2 times increased attack speed when owning a two-handed ax;

- in professions, the sorcerer and the sorcerer - the skill Fleeting damage is increased to level 10;

- the creature Octopus has increased the duration of the skill "Blood Obsession" to 10 minutes;

- Now the PC mode to level 150 does not turn on and attack the character below 150 lvl. not allowed. Character below level 150 cannot attack a player in PC mode;

- Introduced auto-target for pet treatment. When a monster is in the target, the pet’s treatment is applied to the character;

- Buffs are sorted by time. On the character, you can see buffs at the beginning of the list that finish their action faster, and at the end of the list - buffs that finish their action more slowly.

In honor of this update, the server administration prepared for all users a pass to the Hidden Village for 3 days. Hurry up to enter the game to take advantage of the free pass to the Hidden Village now!

Have a nice game!

Engineering works

Dear players!

Today, in the period from 00:00 to 01:00 (Moscow time), the server is unavailable due to technical work.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.