Top 10
# Name LvL Job Guild Kill Dead
1 Зеленка 157
Rampage 116 52
2 Razor 156
Котята 106 239
3 Psybird 156
XXL 70 58
4 smallcool 156
Котята 55 73
5 Нагибатор 155
Котята 100 77
6 FarmIx 155
Котята 43 74
7 GSPD 155
Rampage 42 14
8 Zyklist 154
Маг хаоса
XXL 56 60
9 СмертьНомер1 154
Rampage 18 38
10 filka 154
Котята 8 32
Extension of rates

Dear players, we remind you about the rates from 11.07.2020 (x2.5 Experience and x3 Drop), at the moment the rates are still in effect and we do not plan to turn them off in order to increase online. Have a good hunting!

Have a rest?

Dear friends! Take a break from the harsh workdays in the magical world of the game! x2.5 Experience and x3 Drop will be a great help to you in this matter! Have a nice game.

PK return

The server has just been rebooted due to an update that was performed at the request of the players. What changed: - PK mode now works from any level; - The PK mode cannot be turned on in such dungeons as: Moonlight Shrine, Lost Mine, Crystal Valley, El Cassia and the Temple of the Exile; - in the dungeon Hidden Temple of the Exile added monsters from the dungeon Hidden Temple of the Ancients; - Betreal boss resurrection time has been changed (in the Hidden Temple of the Ancients) from 120 minutes to 60 minutes.


In honor of this update, the server administration prepared for all users a pass to the Hidden Village for 6 days and several pleasant consumables: 10 each. Endurance Stabilizer / Lucky Potion / Charged Shards / Charged particles and 30 return feathers. Have time to enter the game to use these consumables now! Have a nice game!


Warning: new rules for players

Dear players, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the new rules on the server (from 07.07.2020): In chat it is forbidden: - PR / self-promotion of a third-party game server. Punishment - blocking an account (all accounts from the same IP address); (from 06/22/2020) - sell an account (both for real money and for gaming). Punishment - ban chat for a week; (from 06/22/2020) - distribute information on bugs. The penalty is ban chat for a week. (from 06/22/2020) - massively sell their things for real money. Punishment - ban chat for 24 hours. (from 07/07/2020)

The rules apply to Main Chat, Trading Chat and Scream. In the game it is forbidden: - set unrealistic prices for any item in your store, such as "99.999.999.999", "241124214" and the like. Punishment - disconnection from the server for 30 seconds. (from 07/07/2020) - expose a store with a name about the sale for real money, such as: "paypal", "sber", "acc 150" and the like. Punishment - disconnection from the server for 30 seconds. (from 07/07/2020) This does not mean that it is forbidden to trade things for real money. Sale for real money is allowed, but it must be "smooth" and in compliance with the rules described above. Thank you for understanding.

First 155

This player cannot be stopped! Tonight, a character named Зеленка first reached level 155, again, with a wide margin from the rest of the players. This player is not going to stop there and give up his first place in the top players.
Who will reach the first 160th level?
Go ahead! All in your hands!

Congratulations on reaching level 155!